Meetings in municipalities

Formular for rural householders

By completing the questionnaire, the holders of rural houses and ethno villages define their offers and give their consent for free promotion of their tourist attractions on the pages of "BH VILLAGE".

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Within the project "Let's make together life better in Bosnia and Herzegovina" supported by the Government of Switzerland and implemented by the Union for Sustainable Return and Integrations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Union has held meetings with the Mayors of Bihać, Lukavac and Čapljina municipalities in September and October 2017. The project was presented during the meeting, since it will be implemented in Bihać, Lukavac and Čapljina, in order to create a favorable environment in local communities aiming to strengthen individual tourist capacities through the development of rural tourism.

The Mayors of the municipalities have expressed their gratitude to the team of the Union for their efforts to ensure that their local communities are part of the project and they are at the disposal of the Union in implementing it.

Memorandums of cooperation between the Bihać, Lukavac and Čapljina municipalities and the Union for Sustainable Return and Integrations in B&H were also signed with the aim of expanding the project activities on rural tourism.