The Union for Sustainable Return and Integrations in Bosnia and Herzegovina has held educations in November and December 2017 within the project "Let's make together life better in Bosnia and Herzegovina" supported by the Government of Switzerland and implemented by the Union for Sustainable Return and Integration in Bosni and Herzegovina, in following areas:

  1. Kulen Vakuf (Bihać) - for 27 beneficiaries
  2. Čapljina - for 8 beneficiaris
  3. Lukavac - for 11 beneficiaries

Education contains three modules:
1. Rural tourism
2. Brand "bh village"
3. Business plan

Formular for holders of rural households

Through the completing the formular, the holders of rural-households and ethno villages define their offers and give their consent for free promotion of their tourist attractions on the page "BH VILLAGE".

image Aiming to improve rural tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina through the web presentation"BH VILLAGE", we want to enable homeowners to present themselves and to find new visitors, and reverse.

By entering the correct data and additional information about your accommodation, you will enable new tourists to find the way to you. More


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Within the first module, participants were introduced with the term of rural tourism, its advantages, the way of successfull operating, current laws regulating development of rural tourism, services provision, prices determination, the ways for attracting new guests and to be connected with the market, as well as many others segments in order to prepare the participants for independent work on a best way.


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In the second module, participants were introduced with the concept of the "bh selo"/"bh village" brand and ideas how to enable people to work and live from results of their work, with the emphasis on reducing the underlying causes of migration through the economic strengthening of the inhabitants of rural local communities and the improvement of living conditions through self-employment in rural or agro-tourism.


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In the third module, which contained theoretical and pratical part, participants were introduced with the term of business plan, its purpose and how important it is for the business of each household.

In practical part, we conducted a workshop with each participant and developed a mini business plan for their households through which we defined goals, activities, necessary resources, expansion of existing business capacities, and the way in which they can present their offers to potential users. On this way, we gained an insight into market opportunities for each individual participant.

A total of 46 beneficiaries, which expressed interest to work in the field of rural tourism, were participated in education.

Interviewers visited potential beneficiaries, surveyed them and mapped their capacities in order to promote them to BH citizens in diaspora through the World Federation of Diaspora BiH, as well as to domestic and international institutions through the web site

Users will be associated in organization in order to make legal and organizational operations much easier.